Missing Children Hotline

116-000: Operation and development of the Missing Children Hotline service in Hungary

This project aims to enable the sustainability of the continually available Missing Children Hotline (116-000) service operated by trained telephone operators and case managers. The team offers emotional, social, legal and administrative support for parents and children in connection with child disappearances.

The operation of the service is based upon the Guide for Hotline Operators identified by Missing Children Europe. To increase the number of relevant cases received, Kék Vonal's goal is to increase the visibility of the service and to draw attention to the danger of child disappearances. Kék Vonal carries out a nationwide awareness–raising and promotional campaign in the period of 2013-2015 (including campaign film, posters, promotional merchandise, celebration of International Missing Children's Day, Kék Vonal CD – song collection etc.)

To make the case management more effective Kék Vonal starts to get involved in research activities by disseminating information of missing children (e.g. pictures) on its website and to media partners. As the dissemination of such information can only be implemented with the approval of the national authorities (according to the Guide of Hotline operators), the first step of the creation of methodology is a detailed cooperation protocol with the Hungarian Police.

The activities to be carried out under this 24 months project:

1. Continuous operation of the Missing Children Hotline on the 116 000 number. We also design a webtool for search posts published on Kék Vonal's website.

2. Training of the staff to improve the quality of services with new knowledge gained

3. Cooperation with experts on national and European level

4. Carry out an awareness – raising campaign and a prevention programme

The project is supported by the European Union and co-financed by the Office of Public Administration and Justice.