About us

Our Mission and Vision

The Kék Vonal Child Crisis Foundation was founded in 1993, therefore it has a more than twenty years past experience.

The primary task of the Kék Vonal Child Crisis Foundation is to listen to the children and young people and help those of them who are in need. We work on implementing the rights of children as defined by the United Nations. Our mission is to reach that adults, as well as professional and governmental bodies working with children serve the interests of children above all other interests.

Our main values are: child-centred approach, trust, responsibility and cooperation:

-Child-centred approach means that in all our activities we serve the interests of children with the maximum capacity based on our best knowledge, experience and opportunities.
-We aim to create a trustful environment with our active listening approach
-We take responsibility for the children turning to us for help, we work with full heart to protect children.
-We turn with cooperative attitude not only towards children, but also to professionals, public servants working with them, in order to reach an effective cooperation which serves the best interests, rights, opportunities and assistance of children.

We reach our tasks by operating child helplines, organizing activities, programmes, clubs for children, and providing training and services for professional staff working with children.